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Consistent, top quality, healthy water and friendly service is our commitment to you and your family.
Chris’ Water and Ice
1334 E. Chandler Blvd. Suite #2
Phoenix, AZ 85048
480 • 460 • 5041

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Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt

Do you have a sweet tooth? Maybe you just want a decadent cool down.

We proudly serve up some of the best Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt dishes in the Ahwatukee Foothills area!

Treat yourself to any of over 30 flavors with all the toppings. Choose Waffle Bowls, Waffle Cones or a yummy sugar cone, and load it up with your favorite candy toppings. We have a huge selection, great prices and only the friendliest service, so why go anywhere else?

We now serve Frozen Yogurt!

Get your favorite dish and your favorite toppings!

Hawaiian Shaved Ice
Looking for Ice Cold Sweet Treats for the Kids?

If you want an after-school treat for the kids or just want to cool down with a sweet drink on a hot day, try our Hawaiian Shaved Ice.

We have a huge selection of delectable flavors and they’re sure to help you beat the heat!

Delicious and satisfying for kids of all ages!

And don’t forget our Two for Tuesdays, when Hawaiian Shaved Ice is Buy-One-Get-One FREE!

Come on in and get yours today!
  • Our Hawaiian Shaved Ice is made with the same High Quality Filtered Water that we proudly sell by the gallon.

Sodas | Vitamin Water | Electrolytes
Cool Down with a Refreshing Beverage

Excellent choices to help keep you cool and hydrated on hot summer days!

Tame your thirst while you treat your taste buds with our Fine Beverage selections.

Need a boost? We serve a variety of Energy Drinks. Or, recharge your electrolytes with a Gatorade or Powerade.

Do you have a Bottled Water preference? Grab a Smart Water, Life Water, Fiji, Dasani, or choose from many other refreshing, fine selections.

Energy Drinks | Fine Beverages

Candy and Snacks
Sweet Treats to Eat!
Kids love candy!

Come visit our giant wall of candy where there’s something for everyone!


We carry all of the kid’s favorites for big kids and small kids alike.

Water Bottles and Dispensers
Check out our Water Bottles, Dispensers and Stands

We provide a nice assortment of containers and dispensers. Whether you need a bottle on the go or you’re wanting a stylish water stand and dispenser to go with your motif, we have what you’re looking for. Our stylish ceramic water dispensers are made by H2O Supplies.

Why drive out of the Foothills, when you get a great selection and great prices right here at Chris’ Water and Ice. So come on down and take a look around.